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Here you can find out more about our tours.


Toledo essential 

On this tour we want to show you the traces of the great religions and cultures that have shaped the city of Toledo. From Zocodover Square we go to the Mosque of Christ of the Light to discover a jewel of the Muslim Toledo. We will walk through the Jewish Quarter and arrive at the Town Hall Square to admire the exterior of Toledo's “Santa María” Cathedral.


Toledo Museums Tour 

Toledo is home to over 100 monuments in its historic center. In this tour we visit 5 of them. We start with a 10th century mosque "Cristo de la Luz". We also visit the largest baroque church in the city "los Jesuistas" and climb its 50 meter high towers, which offer us a wonderful view over the roofs of Toledo. Our guided tour takes us to the Jewish Quarter, where we find three of our monuments. "San Juan de los Reyes" a beautiful monastery built by the Catholic Monarchs. We continue to the synagogue "Santa Maria la Blanca", an extraordinary architectural masterpiece which will amaze you. We would also like to visit the masterpiece of the famous painter "El Greco" in the church "Santo Tomé" with you. 

For this tour we use the "tourist bracelet", which cost

12 euros per person. The bracelet contains a total of 7 monuments which you can visit at again after our tour.


Toledo Cathedral

Visit with us the Cathedral of Toledo, first of Spain with more than 800 years of history.

Its first stone was laid in 1226 and finished in 1493. It was never built with the idea of being the largest in Spain, but the most modern of its time with the best architectural innovations. We show you the most important and most beautiful corners of the cathedral. Marvel at its Gothic architecture and unique Spanish influences. 

It is the crown jewel of this beautiful World Heritage City. 

The entrance ticket is not included in the price.


The Jewish Quarter 

The Jews of Toledo were one of the most important Jews until they were expelled in 1492. The Jewish Quarter in the old town of Toledo is one of the numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are finds from the 5th century that testify the existence of the Jews in Toledo. In its heyday, the neighborhood took up nearly 10 percent of the city and was home to 10 synagogues, two of which survive today. 

Firstly, the Tránsito Synagogue, which now houses the Sephardic Museum. There you can learn a little more about the history of the Jews in Spain. On the other hand, the synagogue “Santa María la Blanca”. It is the older of the two, built in beautiful Almohad style and now is a museum.

Enjoy all the charm of Toledo's Jewish Quarter on a leisurely walk through its streets and squares that will take you back in time.


Toledo by night 

Immerse yourself in Toledo at night with Hello Toledo.

Our guided tour begins at nightfall in the famous Zocodover square. Toledo at night has its own special charm! Especially in summer it is extremely pleasant when the summer air cools down a bit in the evening and well into the night. Enjoy the city and learn about countless curiosities, legends and anecdotes of the city.

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