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Mehrere Hausfassaden mit einer Spiegelung in einer grossen Scheibe mit einem Panoramablick.


Hello Toledo wants to give a positive input to the city of Toledo. We want to be as sustainable as possible and create a harmonious exchange between the locals and our visitors. This is our responsibility as a citizen of Toledo as well as a official tour guide.

Here is the Hello Toledo Guided Tours logo. A mint green colored pin with a compass.
Das Triumphtor von Toledo mit seinem Stadtwappen einem 2 köpfigen Adler.


Hello Toledo was created for the German and the international tourism to find out more about the beauty of Toledo. 
It is a service company for guided tours. The tours are based on the history, heritage and culture of the city. By combining different elements and a wide range of activities the tours can be created to fit for different target groups.

Eine Schlucht die der Fluss Tajo über die Jahrtausende geformt hat.


Our mission is to bring out the best with our dedicated and skilled team. To show the monumental and cultural heritage of Toledo to German-speaking and international tourism and to surprise you with unique experiences. To bring Toledo out of its shadow and show the world what an incredible city we have in the heart of Spain. There is a reason why Toledo was added to the List of  World Heritage in 1986. All of that we want to bring closer to you in a safe and sustainable environment.


Our vision is to provide cooperative and sustainable tourism for our clients. With good governance and strategic partnerships that ensure harmonious tourism. 
We strive to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and transparency. Values that are more important than ever in these times. We believe that the best cooperation between all of us should be based on trust, openness and transparency.
For Hello Toledo, mutual respect is a key value for action in this world. Respect for the individual, for our social relationships and opinions. Respect for different cultures and their diversity. Not to forget respect for our planet and its resources. 
Hello Toledo wants to be the first choice for German-speaking and international tourists, tour operators and travel agencies.

Panoramablick auf Toledo


A good Tour Guide is much more than just a city guide. We are passionate about sharing local knowledge and insiders. A tour guide gives us the chance to create a connection with a city and its people. All of us can buy a travel guide and read about the Town by ourselves but if you really want to experience and know about a place by heart, you need someone who understands it well and knows about all the secret spots. 

We pay a lot of attention to how we design our tours. We try to make sure that each tour offers a unique combination of experiences, made up of must-see sights mixed in with hidden gems. Especially if you visit a country for the first time, there are certain sights that are worth seeing.

Sustainable tourism is important to Hello Toledo. We want to avoid mass tourism and therefore work with a maximum number of 20 people per group.

Eine Statu von Isabel von Kastillien

The Logo

Our logo is a pin with a compass. In the world of travel, it is used to mark a place. A place you've been or where you'd like to go. Toledo can be a destination where people want to travel to. The compass is an instrument of orientation, I am the needle, turning freely around an axis, the axis marks Toledo. The needle always points to the north. Since I'm German, it always shows the direction of my roots.

Ein Springbrunnen in den Gärten der alten Bab Al-Madum Moschee

"Toletum, city of history
Tulaytula, city of joy
Toledo, city of king´s"​​

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