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    On my new Blog Hello Toledo My name is Melanie, I was born in Brandenburg and I ended up here in Toledo many years ago. Finally, after many years, I have decided to start my blog about Toledo again. I wrote a long time ago under “My Toledo by Meli”. But for many reasons, such as work, studies and family, I had to give up writing because I simply couldn't manage it anymore. I also haven't found the time to set up the blog on my website. Another important reason is that I didn't even have a desk after I moved. As you can see, I have finally found and set up my place where I can retreat to write and study. Honestly, my absolute favorite place. In the summer of 2022, after my studies, I founded my company Hello Toledo Guided Tours. That’s why I’m going to call this new blog “Hello Toledo.” I think now is the perfect time and a nice new intention for 2024. My idea for this blog is to write about the Toledo of yesterday & today. About the city and everything it has to offer. Like their gastronomy, their history, their culture and customs. About the people who live or have lived here, about their hidden corners and also about the province of Toledo, it has a lot to offer and it's worth taking short trips from here. However, there is one topic that is particularly close to my heart and that I would like to write about. Namely about the history of Sepharad and the old Sephardic Jews. This is the name given to Jews who lived in Spain and Portugal in the centuries after the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple. “Sepharad” is an old Hebrew name for Spain. I emigrated from Germany in 2007 over Ireland and South Africa and finally I ended up in Toledo in 2009. I've been living in the old Jewish quarter of Toledo for a few years now. Which in its heyday was the largest and most powerful on the Iberian Peninsula. There is so much to write about the Spanish “Sepharad”. Unfortunately and specially of the Inquisition, there are still so many prejudices against Jews against false statements and misinformation that have been handed down for centuries. I have been an official member of the “Red de JudÍas de España” since 2024. Which is a network of Jewish neighborhoods in Spain. La “Red de Juderias de España" is a non-profit public association composed of communities in Spain that host a medieval Jewish quarter in their historic center. This heritage can be perceived through its architectural, historical, environmental and cultural heritage. I don't want to write long blog posts. They will be short and informative. As already mentioned, I am an official city guide for the World Heritage City of Toledo. A city that has over 4,000 years of history to offer. In this job I never stop learning. I often have opportunities to participate in conferences, research or studies. And here in this blog I would like to share my experiences, knowledge and what I have learned with you. My first blog posts will be a collection of activities to help you to discover Toledo. Corners and squares, sights far away from the tourist hotspots and crowded attractions. "Only those who dare to get lost in the streets and deviate from the commercial routes can get to know the real Toledo." If you want, you can also follow me on my Instagram account, where I'll always keep you up to date with news, information and what's going on in Toledo. I hope you will have a lot of fun reading it and again I would like to welcome you warmly here to the blog Hello Toledo. Kind regards here from Toledo Your Melanie

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