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Here you can get to know us a little better.

Meet the Team

"Toledo is like a window

into the past."


I'm Melanie and this is a photo of me.

I'm Melanie, born and raised in Brandenburg, Germany.

I am an official tour guide of the city of Toledo, nationally and within the European Union.

At the age of 16 I left my hometown and my parents' house to complete an apprenticeship as a hotel manager in Frankfurt am Main.  After my apprenticeship, I moved to Münsterland and worked there as a restaurant manager for many years. In 2007 I met my husband on the Camino de Santiago (Saint Kevins Way). He comes from Toledo and has also been a tourist guide for many years.

Our first years we spent in Dublin. There I worked for a large German airline. In 2009 we finally moved to Toledo. Here I worked for a Spanish hotel chain for the first few years. Before my son was born in 2015, I flew for a Berlin airline for a while. After my one-year maternity leave, I worked for four years at a renowned private school here in Toledo as a German and art teacher.


My great passions are art, history and photography.

It has always been my biggest dream to be a city guide here in Toledo and to show my wonderful home of choice to German and English speaking visitors. However, the way to get there was not that easy. Since Toledo is a World Heritage, you can only work as a tour guide in Spain with an official title.

In the meantime, I have mastered the Spanish language so well that I also guide Spanish-speaking visitors through our beautiful city.

So in 2020 I decided to study and finally make my dream come true. I created Hello Toledo during my studies and have been working on my Instagram account of the same name ever since. Here you can follow me and my life in Toledo.


I look forward to hopefully welcoming you soon here in Toledo.


Your Melanie

"Unique, different, magical Toledo."



Hello, my name is José Ignacio Cánovas but everyone calls me Nacho.


After working various jobs and living in Ireland for almost two years, I decided to devote myself to tourism, specifically as a tourist guide. First I worked as a tour guide in Spain and Central Europe and later as a local tour guide in Toledo till now days day. I feel privileged because I love and am fascinated by my work.

I was born in Toledo more than 50 years ago and for me it is a great honor and at the same time a great responsibility to show you my rich historical city and make your visit a unique experience.

In addition to enjoying my work, I also enjoy many other things,
as: Walking through nature, spending time with my family, friends, and my dog, traveling and meeting new customs, traditions, cultures and gastronomy, reading a good book, seeing a good movie, enjoy a little beach, new experiences, unplanned programmed and a good concert.


Die islamische Kuppel der Kirche "Cristo de la Luz" aus dem 9 Jahrhundert.

Live Life Happy:

Travel the world.

Understand different cultures.

Be inspired by beauty everywhere. Make friends all over.

Be a citizen of the world. ​​

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